OUR MISSION: To Provide, Direct from the Farm, Clean and Sustainable Food, Created with Care, Honesty and Passion; and Connect Customers to their Food Source.

Welcome to Cornerstone Farm! We are located in the pristine West Tamar region of Northern Tasmania and are completely family owned and operated. We are Adam and Lisa, and together with our 3 children, Hayden, Matilda and Chloe, and Lisa’s parents, Colin and Sue, we produce Suffolk Lamb, Angus Beef and Pasture Raised Pork.

We bought our property as a vacant lot in 2007 and Cornerstone Farm has grown from a lot of hard work and the idea of raising our own sustainable produce for self sufficiency by providing wholesome produce for our growing young family.  Unlike the typical, ‘the male is the farmer’, it is actually Lisa’s family that has been involved in farming for many generations ranging from dairy, cropping, beef and lamb, and in 2015 pig farming was introduced. So it is Lisa that manages the family farm and the day to day activities on the farm.

We are passionate about giving our local community the opportunity to buy premium quality, farm raised, grass fed meat direct from their local farmer. Another area that’s very important is providing the link between consumer and food producer that is so often lost in todays society.  Buying direct from a farmer that you can get to know and trust is a great way to support healthy eating and inclusive communities.

Our aim is not to be the highest producing farm in Tasmania, but to remain a quality small business that only sells meat that is grown on our farm so we can maintain our high standards. At Cornerstone Farm we do not want to, and are not able to produce huge quantities – so we focus on the quality of our product.  What we CAN produce, and guarantee is beef, lamb and pork that gives a fabulous eating experience every time.


We only ever sell beef, lamb and pork that has been born and raised on our farm so we can guarantee what you get every time!


When you purchase our product, you buy direct from the farmer who produced it.  You have the confidence in knowing that your beef, lamb and pork has been respected, and has had a happy and low stress life.  By supporting local farmers you are also supporting family run Tasmanian business (us, our meat-works and butcher), and thus our local community.

Grass fed lamb

A small sustainable flock of pure bred Suffolk sheep graze the pasture of Cornerstone Farm.

Suffolk sheep are primarily known for their clean black faces and legs but they are highly regarded for their superb quality fine grain meat.

The sheep are moved onto fresh pastures regularly in a stress-free relaxed manner.

The rotation of pasture improves the health of the sheep and is also beneficial for the grass and the soil. Grass fed lamb is seasonally available in a 10kg box for $160.

Free Range Pastured Pork

Cornerstone Farm is proud to introduce the most ethically raised pork possible. In 2015 pigs were introduced to Cornerstone Farm to make use of the natural bush land that is unsuitable for sheep grazing.

The bush is the pigs natural environment as it provides the shade and shelter that pigs require. The pigs are able to exhibit their natural behaviours of digging and foraging for their food. Being pastured raised, the pigs are able to source food from the land including pasture, weeds, bark, shrubs and all sorts of protein rich bugs that they dig up from the ground. 

All the pigs have access to transportable huts to shelter from the wind and rain and muddy wallows to keep them cool in summer.  The grower pigs are fed an ad lib diet of a high protein, un-medicated grain that is made up of vitamins and minerals that keeps them fit and healthy.  

The pigs are also on a rotational grazing system which benefits the health of the pigs and the soil structure. Pastured pork is available seasonally at $12/kg for a side or $11/kg for a full pig with an average weight of 20kgs/side, or the very popular 8.5kg pack of pork which includes a variety of set cuts valued at $150.

Grass Fed Beef

A herd of purebred Angus beef graze over rolling pastures in a relaxed setting to ensure their meat is beautifully soft and tender without the need of added hormones.

Angus is trusted in fine dining restaurants across the world. Angus beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of natural flavour. The cattle are moved onto fresh pastures regularly in a stress-free relaxed manner.

The rotation of pasture not only improves the cattle’s health, but is beneficial for the grass and the soil. Grass fed yearling beef is available seasonally at $8.50/kg for a quarter, side or whole with an average dressed weight of 125-145kgs/side, or our very popular special 20kg Small Family Pack valued at $330.


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We have purchased the pork, lamb and beef. Cannot fault any of it. The meat has been well packed and labelled, delivered on time, and most importantly tastes fantastic. Thank you Lisa.


One of our Many Satisfied Customers, Launceston

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