OUR MISSION: To Provide, Direct from the Farm, Clean and Sustainable Food, Created with Care, Honesty and Passion; and Connect Customers to their Food Source.

Cornerstone Farm is a 130 acre property in the pristine West Tamar region of Northern Tasmania. The property was purchased in 2005 by Adam and Lisa Harper as a vacant farm which has grown from the idea of raising their own sustainable produce for their growing young family.

Cornerstone Farm is all about producing sustainable, grass fed beef and lamb and pastured raised pork, free from artificial synthetic fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics. The local community should have access to the best food that farmers can produce, and for Cornerstone Farm that is produce grown in harmony with nature, in a sustainable, regenerative circular farming system. Cornerstone Farm holistically manage their pastures which will improve the soil as the years pass, building humus, increasing fertility and capturing carbon. Cornerstone Farm are passionate about producing beef, lamb and pork that is not only sustainable, but full of good fats and health benefits.

Do you want to find out about our Lamb, Pork & Beef?

We have purchased the pork, lamb and beef. Cannot fault any of it. The meat has been well packed and labelled, delivered on time, and most importantly tastes fantastic. Thank you Lisa.


One of our Many Satisfied Customers, Launceston

Life on Our Farm - in Pictures

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